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Important - With the move to Hull and York desktops the whole printing system is being overhauled and decisions around charging are being reviewed. The information in this section is subject to change at very short notice.

HYMS has numerous printers scattered among University and Hospital sites available for use by Staff, Students and Associates. Papercut Print Management software controls where documents are printed and whether they are charged for.

General Info

HYMS has a number of printers available to use at the University and Hospital Education Centres. Each PBL or computer room has an assigned printer and it will show as the default printer on HYMS PCs.

  • Mono A3/A4, Colour A4 output in staff areas
  • Mono A4 output in PBL rooms and mono + colour A4 output in Computer rooms
  • Mono + colour A3/A4 output in NHS Education Centres
  • Low cost £0.03 per mono sheet and £0.10 per colour sheet (Undergraduates)

Papercut is the preferred system for charging for output and credit can be bought on-line or at the University sites - see Tabs above.


Firstly login to with your HYMS username and password.


You will now see the summary screen outlining your current balance, number of jobs printed etc. The menu options are down the left, each one is dealt with below.


Redeem (enable) a Top-up card

Click on the Redeem Card Tab and enter the card number when prompted then click on Redeem Card; It's as simple as that.


Transaction History

Click on the Transaction History Tab, you will then see a list of recent jobs that have been printed. Hovering over the Printer Usage option will give more information on that job. The transaction log can be exported as a pdf, html page or a csv document.


Recent Print Jobs

This gives an overview of what's been printed recently, information about the print job and whether it was printed.


Jobs Pending Release

We don't currently use this function

Log Out

Self explanatory really

Printer credit

Purchasing Printer Credit

HYMS students can buy printer credit using any of the following methods

  • via the University of York Online Shop (see below for details)
  • Top-up cards in person at the Cash Office, Venn Building, University of Hull
  • Top-up cards in person at the Cash and Fees Office, Market Square, University of York

via the University of York Online shop

The facility is available to all HYMS students, whether registered with the University of Hull or the University of York.  You will need to provide your username (eg hy7xz), your full name (eg Freda Smith) and give an indication of the number of credits you would like to buy; as these will be available in blocks of £5.

Note: If its your first visit you will have to create an account to go through the checkout process

We aim to have your HYMS printer account credited with the amount of the purchase within 2 working days

Top-up Cards within the Universities

Once you've bought a Top-up card, you will need to add the credit to your account. This is done through HYMS PaperCut


Internet Printing

If you're using a HYMS desktop your default printer will be the one in the room with you or in one of the open access spaces. Internet printing is for those who wish to print to HYMS printers from Laptops and other networks etc.

1. Press your Start button and click on 'Devices and Printers' and then on 'Add a Printer'


Click on 'Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer' and then on 'The printer that I want isn't listed'


In the next screen you need to put in the details of the printer in the Select a shared printer by name box.

NOTE: Browse… will not work!

It will be in the format:<printer_name>/.printer

where <printer_name> is the name of the printer so if adding the printer hymsypr09 you would type:

For a list of printers go to the web site and log on using your HYMS username and password


You will then be prompted for your HYMS username and password:

Your User Name should be hyms\<user_id> and your Password is your HYMS password.


You will get the following window.


Then eventually the following:


Click Next and you get the following screen.


That's it, you should now be able to print to hymsypr09