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Access your HYMS email on the go...

The HYMS email service has been designed to be highly secure whilst also being available across the Internet.

This enables all HYMS participants both in the host universities and also in the partner SHA to have full access to the HYMS email service and to guarantee end-to-end delivery of emails between staff, students and NHS and associates


HYMS Webmail provides quick access to your email, contacts and calendar from anywhere in the world, using a web browser.

To use webmail, simply go to the web site and log on using your HYMS username and password.

Note for clinical staff: When you registered for a HYMS Network Account, if you opted to have your email redirected to a NHS address, you may not have a full HYMS email mailbox. Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any queries.


Connecting Outlook to HYMS E-mail

HYMS uses Microsoft Exchange 2010. This email application allows Microsoft Outlook to connect to your HYMS e-mail over the Internet. As long as you have Outlook 2007 service pack 2 (sp2) and an Internet connection which can access the website  you can connect. Note this document covers the setup of Outlook 2007, connecting Outlook 2010 is essentially the same. NOTE: We would suggest that Outlook 2010 is the best E-mail client to use for Microsoft Windows as this supports all the features of Exchange 2010.


Press the next button.


Choose the default of “Yes” to configure an E-mail account. Then press the Next button.


Fill in the following information:

Your Name:  Your Name
E-mail Address:  Either or 
Password: Your HYMS password

Do not check the “Manually configure” option as the HYMS e-mail server will do this for you.

Click on the next button


Their will then be a delay whilst Outlook contacts the HYMS e-mail server to check your account exists and configures Outlook for you.


You may then then get the above message. Check the “Don’t ask me about this website again” and click on the Allow button.

You have now completed the Outlook Configuration. Click on the Finish button.

Using your own copy of Outlook with your HYMS E-mail

If you already use Outlook for your personal e-mail you will need to configure another e-mail profile to access your HYMS e-mail.

To do this click on the start button and choose Control Panel and open the mail application.


Click on the show profiles button


Click on the “Prompt for profile to be used” option. Then press the Apply button


Then click on the “Add…” button.


Give your profile a name and press the OK button.

After that you can follow the document above

Mac (OS X)

Configuring Mac Mail for your HYMS Email Account

Note you can use either Microsoft Outlook 2011 or Mac Mail to connect to your HYMS mailbox. Both products are supported. You may find the additional features of Outlook beneficial though, as this has been designed to use all the features of the HYMS mail system.

Note this guide uses the Apple OS X Lion (10.7.4) version of Mail. Other versions may differ.

Make sure you have Internet Access and can access the HYMS webmail site: before you start.

When you start Mail it will show the following screen. Enter your name, HYMS e-mail address and HYMS password as shown below and click Continue:


It will then say, “searching for mail servers for the specified address”.

Please ensure you have entered the information correctly otherwise you will not be able to get past this screen.

If all the information is correct and your Mac can access the HYMS webmail site then you will get the following screen.


It is up to you whether you also setup Contacts and Calendars. Note: Contacts is synced with Address Book and Calendar information will be synced with iCal.

Click on the Create Button.

Mail will now be open and you should see syncing of Mail going on under the MAIL ACTIVITY area (bottom left hand corner).


After a while you will also see messages within your Inbox etc.


If you click on the Mail Menu and choose Preferences… you can check the Exchange mail settings via the Accounts tab.




It is also worth checking which mail program is the default on your Mac by checking under the General Tab as show below.



iPhone (iOS)

Configuring an iPhone\iPAD for your HYMS Email Account

1. From the iPhone home screen, press Settings, then scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. Tap Add Account...


3. Tap Microsoft Exchange


4. Enter your HYMS email address (either for staff or for students)


5. Type the domain as and your HYMS username and password.


6. Press Next, then when the Server field is shown, enter the server name:


7. Select the items you wish to syncronise, and tap Done.


8. You can now access your HYMS email through the iPhone Mail icon.

To help improve battery life, we recommend you disable 'push' email: the setting for this is under Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data

Simply turn Push to Off, and set your phone to fetch any new emails every 15 or 30 minutes.




Configuring Android phone for your HYMS email account

(note: screenshots below from Nexus 4 with KitKat v4.4.4)

Firstly make sure you have a good internet connection.

Select email app (not google mail)


Enter your email address ( and password as shown below


Choose the Exchange option


make sure the details are correct and that the server is Press next and the settings will be validated. 


A security warning pops up, click on OK to accept this


Make any personal changes here then click next


Give the email account a name.......


And finally activate the device administrator


You should now have a fully functioning HYMS inbox.